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You’re a woman with drive. A high achiever. A leader.

The conductor in your family.

On the outside you portray a ‘picture perfect’ life that is complete, but on the inside you struggle and ask yourself, do I even know who I am anymore? How do I even begin to identify my barriers? You’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, disconnected, lonely and burned out. You're afraid of what might happen if you take time for yourself, or shift gears. You feel guilty and frustrated, because the health of your business, family and relationships depends on you.

You know something has got to change. You’re looking for support… a safe, confidential place to process your deepest concerns and challenges, a place to help you deepen connection with yourSELF, and your relationships. You desire a balanced life, that is guilt free and playful, a life that gives you permission to be exactly who you are.

I Can Help

Many high achieving women are leading and succeeding in some areas of their life but not in others, trying to create balance between their personal and professional life. But you find things are slipping through the cracks, so you're waiting for permission, and everything to be perfect.

I just had an amazing sales call,

I cannot wait for the next one! I was able to help my client step into her feminine energy and really visualize it.

Rachael Weaver

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I stood up for myself

I examined what was making me feel unhappy and took time for myself to explore new ways of becoming happier.



I See You!

Angelique’s approach to coaching connects Body and Mind so that you can get grounded in your passion, deepen your connection with SELF, and discover your blind spots. You will learn the habits of the mind, the language of your body and how to live BodyMind connected. You will experience accountability and progress, completely customizable to you and your needs… week by week, month by month, so that you can create an aligned, guilt free life you love living.


Check out my Programs in Work with Us. Want to know more About Angelique? Meet some of the clients I have worked with in Success Stories. See why I’m Different and let’s Get Started.

Welcome to

With love,

Angelique Eberwein

Breakthrough Body Mind

Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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I enrolled 2 new students today. First 2 in 1 day ever!

Sara Ceo

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I’m feeling more calm and empowered

I am most proud of creating a sense of calm and excitement about the transition of my kids moving on and looking at how I’m going to best spend my time and energy before retirement years. I found the worksheets and resources you made available to me most helpful. I had enough space and time to do the work and I loved the support over email and text. I have really enjoyed doing this work with Angelique, and appreciate all the time and energy she has put forth. I can confidently refer others to Angelique for coaching.

- Lynn

Chiropractor (Owner)

I am confident that I can do anything

I feel capable that I can address situations that come up head on because I am confident that I can do anything. Since working with Angelique, I have gained a sense of humor, which is big, and lost vanity and insecurities. I have a support system in place and am not going backwards, I’m only moving forward. I have had a lot of inner growth and am accepting of what I’ve learned about myself, and how I handle situations that come up because ‘I’m OK’.

- Taffy

Colorado Springs, CO

Truly Transformational

Angelique’s presence as a coach is truly transformational. She helps leaders and high achievers see the simple things in life that are easy to miss. If you are looking for someone who will help you find a sense of balance in your life, Angelique is the best. I highly recommend her!

- Laura

Owner, BodyMind Coaching

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